I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for coming to my house and photographing me and my cat, Boo-Boo, during her last days. I didn't think it would be so wonderful to have such photos in the house after she passed away, but they were just what I needed in my time of grief. Mornings are the worst for me, but I can look over at Boo's photos, see her face, and I just smile. Your photos are amazing and captured me and Boo and how much I loved her. Thank you SO much, Carol. You are the best.


Bryan Toder


Carol is such a joy to work with. As a professional cinematographer, I can attest to her ability to "find" and compose beautiful photographs! As for her personality...you'd be hard pressed to find someone who's easier, or more fun, to work with!

I cherish the portrait she did of me and my Goldendoodle Charlie. She really captured the life and love that we share.
David Tinsch


Carol has been doing our photos for a few years now. She is professional, friendly, patient, and our pictures turn out beyond amazing. Our kids, dogs, farm animals...Carol is truly great at capturing the perfect moments. She spends countless hours donating her time to take pictures of rescue animals. Can't wait to book our fall family session!

Pamela Hinde


I have worked with Carol several times. She photographed some of my foster dogs. She was able to capture their true beauty. Recently I had her photograph my dog... he is not a stranger friendly guy. She handled the situation, with ease.  She understands all pets are different. He was at ease with her after a little while. The pictures turned out wonderful. I do highly recommend Carol for professional photographs of your pets.

Sherri Weber & Oliver


Carol Arscott is an Amazing photographer, with a heart of gold! As a foster for HAL, I send her a big Thank you! If you want Amazing pics of your pups, contact her! She took pics of both of my dogs (and threw in pics of my foster dog)….best money I have spent in a long time!

Julie Harmon

My family had the pleasure of working with Carol and our dog Alpha . Our beloved Alpha was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. And we wanted to capture photos with him as a family. Carol was so caring and attentive to him and my family with taking our pictures. The moments she captured were timeless. I would recommend Carol for any photo shoot. Also, the turnaround time for our pictures was so fast! If you are looking for a photographer who will choose the best location and ideas for your pictures, definitely reach out to Carol. You will not be disappointed!!

Maureen Alvarez

We could not be more grateful to Carol Arscott for giving her talent, time and dedication to raise monies for rescue/DVGRR.

Carol is so very passionate about the work/labor of love that she puts forth to help our precious animals in need.

Sharon Schultz